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There’s a million different ways to create a liquor brand, we’ve all seen new concepts and bottle prototypes that look amazing. But what most people don’t realize is how tough it is to create a bottle design that will get picked up in stores and restaurants. We’ve created this section to help you get started with your new design and help you avoid the common problems we see in the Market.

Bottles:  The starting point is always choosing the right bottle for your product. Just about every brand we do people ask about a custom bottle, and we completely understand that you want to create a unique product to the marketplace. But what most people don’t understand is the cost and time associated with it.

Bottle manufacturers have large minimum runs for a custom bottle, they typically have to retool their line and create molds to create the new bottle. The current minimum order for custom glass is 10,000 bottles with both of our main manufacturers with a lead time of 90 days to completion. For this size order glass pricing is usually around $1.75-2.50 per bottle.   You have to realize that this is the minimum, so the pricing is typically high. But if you order say 20,000 to 40,000 bottles, this will reduce the cost drastically down to around $1.25 per bottle or less.

There are many areas of bottle manufacturing that you should take in to account for. Custom bottles need to be tested for head space and labeling. If the design is to crazy then its hard to find a box to fit them in. If the bottle has a huge cork, then a bar won’t have the proper pouring options for it or shelf space. If the bottle isn’t complete round then you’ll have to have it painted or hand labeled.  We can use any bottle you would like, but remember that there could be issues once you go to a custom bottle design. We recommend choosing a stock bottle we carry, and then once your brand is big enough go custom.

Labels: Once the right bottle has been chosen, its time to figure out if you want to label the bottle or paint it. Painting a bottle can take between 30-60 days days depending on the style and the Painters current wait time. We believe there’s a market for painted bottles and labeled bottles, they both look great!  Below is typical pricing for each depending on the order size and style. These prices are the average price a printer charges to do the work.

Custom Paper Label per 1000:  $0.75 plus artwork setup $350 at a printers

Custom Paper Label per 5000: $0.35 plus artwork setup $350 at a printers

Custom Painted Bottle per 2500+ $1.80 plus artwork setup $3000 at a painters (2500 bottle minimum)

Custom Painted Bottle per 5000+ $1.25 plus artwork setup $3000 at a painters





Status & Reporting

Citrus Distillers provides Status Reports & Media to our current Brands, this back office service helps your Brand with Media Pictures & Video.  We also provide monthly inventory reports so you can keep an eye on your inventory levels. This helps us all with keeping your products in stock and ready to distribute.

When we Distill & Bottle your products we can also take pictures and videos that you can use to help market the products. This will provide content that you can use for your website and social media marketing.

Once your signed up with Citrus Distillers, we can provide access to our Status & Reporting services automatically. You’ll receive a link from our Project Management system letting you know you have new content to view.

Our Project Management system is online based and encrypted, so you can upload files, graphics, videos, invoices and additional content to manage your Brand online easily. It also includes our mobile app so you can manage your Brand online with an Apple or Android based phone or tablet.

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