Build a Spirit Brand


Build a spirit brandWelcome to the exciting world of micro distilling!   You’ve chosen a business that does great when the economy is doing great, and luckily does amazing when the economy is at its worse.  So there is always money to be made in this business, and things are always getting better.  In Florida alone there are over twenty-thousand establishments that serve distilled spirits on a daily basis.  For a micro distiller that is great news!  Think about all the potential clients you could have.

Spirits can be distributed locally or nationally depending on how you setup your business licenses.  If you have a specific marketing plan, this can excel your business quickly.   Citrus Distillers offers many levels of distilling, marketing, production, sales and branding for our clients. Our philosophy is to get a client involved in the distilling production to test recipes as quick as possible, this allows our clients to get excited about their product, and stay excited as we produce their spirits.  So get ready to start marketing!

build a spirit brandOver 90% of people surveyed buy random bottles of Spirits based on the bottle design, in younger groups over 21 years of age, the percentage was almost 99%.  So having the proper branding of bottle can be critical to your products success.    Depending on the spirit, aging, and demographic, many common bottles can be used, but require a heavy graphic design to make it stand out of the crowd.  Our marketing department can build this for you, and keep it within compliance with the state.

We have a complete marketing department that can fully lift your products off the ground and get your spirit brands known locally or nationally.   Its important at the beginning stage to develop a story for your product, perhaps how you stumbled upon the idea, or a crazy idea, it can be anything, but its important to have one.

Labeling a bottle has to be approved by the state licensing agencies, but it can be an easy process as long as the identifiers are clearly labeled, and accurately described.  With most spirit brand labels, we try to include all identifiers in our templates, and you can decide on the artwork, font and message you’d like to publicly market.

If you like to be outdoors, and meet people, this can be a rewarding part of the business.  With the thousands of restaurants, bars, taverns, pubs, golf courses, events and other opportunities, getting your product out there can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be, especially in this digital age.  Social Media specialty advertising can build a following for your Micro Distilled products in a matter of hours.  Imagine sponsoring a charity event, and a couple days later, your product is now known around the city…Better get your distribution network setup today!

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