Build A Brand

Build a Brand in Spirits

How hard is it to build a brand?  Well the short answer is its as easy or complicated as you want it to be.  Our Team can build you a Brand ready to Market within 30 days. Whether its a Vodka, Gin, Rum, Moonshine or Whiskey you want, our team is up to the challenge. Most Business ideas require 50k+ to even get things moving, our Build a Brand starts at $4500, and then just the per bottle charge. With the right marketing ideas, you can start selling your product quickly. Listed below are the steps to get things moving.

Spirit Brand Startup:

1. Choose a Class of Spirits:  Whiskey, Gin, Rum, Vodka or Other

2. Will your product be flavored, neutral or grain based?

3. Where will you start distribution?

4. How many bottles are required to get you started? We recommend 1500 or more.

5. Do you want a gluten free, kosher, organic, natural or enhanced style spirit?

6. How long until you go to market?

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Additional Recommendations:

Protect what your building – we recommend to all of our clients that they should set their Brand up as a Corporation & Trademark the Brand. In some cases where we have to use special processes in fermentation or distillation we recommend a patent. Its always good to register the domain name for your Brand early so it doesn’t get taken. If your going to be going to Restaurants, Bars and other Businesses to sell your products, look into what local permits are required.

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