Build a Brand Process

We’re very excited to have you at our website, if you’ve gotten this far into our site, then your ready to begin building the next Big Brand!  We encourage you to please read all the steps below, and review everything before completing the paperwork.

At Citrus Distillers we believe in helping our Brands in every way possible to make your Liquor Brand Dream a success.  We believe that its the Partnership we create with our Brands that enables a strong foundation to get the Brand to Market quickly.  Please feel free to call us if you have any questions completing the Paperwork or Steps to get Started.  We look forward to working with you!

1. Complete the Start-up Brand Paperwork Online:

A copy of each document will be emailed to you and a copy will be sent to Citrus Distillers.

  1.  New Brand Setup Questionnaire: Click Here
  2. NDA – Non-Disclosure Agreement: Click Here
  3. Flavor profile identification- Click Here
  4. Payment agreement invoice- Download – Please email to

Additional Info:

  • What’s My Bottle Cost Worksheet – Download

++Please Scan & Email your Documents to ++

Build a Spirit Brand Videos – click here

Pricing Options & Info click here  –  Payments can be completed via Credit Card, Check, Wire or Cash.

So you’ve completed the Paperwork and payment has been completed, so now its time to get this rolling! Please review the steps we’ll go through to get this process done as quick as possible and get your Brand to Market.

2. Sampling & TTB Formula Registration:

  • Our first step is to get your samples created, and shipped out to you.
  • Next tell us how much you love them, or what changes we need to make to complete, then we can File your TTB Formula registration.
  • This Formulation process takes about 40-50 days on average, but can sometimes take longer for certain ingredients.

3.  TTB Label Submissions

  • If you already have an idea for your label, please upload all artwork to your Project Management Account.
  • Please review our video if you have any Bottle Labeling questions:  Watch Now
  • Next step Citrus Distillers will add all the Legal / TTB Label required info and submit the label for TTB COLA (Certificate of Label Approval).
  • This process takes about 30-40 days on average, but can sometimes take longer if the TTB request any changes to the Label.

4. Final Product Preparation:

  • Citrus Distillers will work with you to Order Bottle Decorations & Supplies
  • Your Product will be Formulated for Sample Bottles
  • Once all Approvals are completed, your ready to go get a Distributor, or use our Distributor Networks.

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