Q & A For Brand Owners

Please review our Questions & Answers below to help with the process:

  1. Question: Do I own my Formula & my COLA that is registered with the TTB (Tax & Trade Bureau)?   Answer: Yes, Citrus Distillers has no interest in owning your Brand. We provide you the Formula & COLA certificates after the TTB approves them. You could take these documents and start creating them on your own if you ever open a Distillery.
  2. Question: Do you take payment plans for the Build a Brand Process?  Answer: Yes, we allow you to do 50% down and the remaining balance of 50% due on the COLA approval. There is no interest charge or penalty for doing this.
  3. Question: Can I do multiple formula’s for the same product?  Answer: Yes, we can create multiple formula’s that are very similar to the base product, in case you decide to change things.
  4. Question: How many samples do I receive with the startup Build a Brand Package?  Answer: After you’ve approved the initial samples for the flavor profile, and the formula and COLA has been approved with the TTB, we provide you 12 sample bottles that you can take out to distributors for tastings. We do offer more samples if necessary, but there is a $25 processing fee plus the cost of the filled bottles.
  5. Question: Do you offer custom labels?  Answer: Yes of course we do, we have 10 developers in our network that would love to work on your project. We include a base label with our Startup Brand packages. This includes 2.5 hours of work by the developers. Additional work can definitely be purchased to get the exact look, but it does cost extra. The developer group we use charges $100 per hour, and its due during the design process.
  6. Question:  What is the minimum order size?  Answer: The minimum order is typically a pallet, or around 800 bottles.
  7. Question: What is an Exclusive Formula & Community Formula?  Answer: Every Startup Brand that wants to create a flavor gets an Exclusive Formula. We guarantee that if someone wants to create a similar formula that there will be a minimum of a 5% difference in the products. A Community Formula are the standard formulas we use on popular flavors. For example Orange Flavored Vodka, we can create a completely new formula under our Exclusive Formula program, but if your looking to keep it simple and looking to save some money, you can use a Community Formula that others might be using as well. If there is a similar flavor in the market your’re looking to distribute in, we can do a search in our database for you.
  8. Question: What do I need to get started?  Answer: You only need to have a Trademark filed before you start to sell the product to begin, we recommend Trademarkia for this service, the trademark isn’t included in any of our packages. We work with lots of people that are looking to do the formulation only, in this case the formula can be registered under your name until you have a Brand name.
  9. Question: What type of payment do you take?  Answer: We take check, cash and wire for Bottle orders due to the tax calculations. For the Startup Brands we can accept Credit Card, Check, Cash, Wire or Paypal with a fee.