Spirit Import or Export

Did you find the perfect spirit to import or export?

Importing Spirits from the Caribbean or South America can be a tricky process with the TTB.  Let our expert staff assist you with the paperwork and proper product registration in the U.S.  As a precaution, please be aware the traps and scams that exist.  We’ve noticed a lot more distribution opportunities in the market in the last 5 years, most are too good to be true.  The U.S. has a strict policy on ingredient and chemical usage within the spirits industry, many of these standards don’t exist in other countries.

This can cause a large problem when you import you spirit product to U.S. ports, many times the paperwork isn’t completed properly, or the proof isn’t collected with proper procedures. If these items are incorrectly completed, the product may be shipped back immediately to its origin.  Leaving you with a mess of headaches to figure out.

Contact us to discuss your spirit import or export needs at 855-POT-MASH

Export Spirit Brands
Spirit import/export

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