Holiday Season Gifts

Learn to Distill your favorite Products!

20131205_181123Having trouble finding an amazing gift?  Have you ever thought about learning the art of distilling spirits like moonshine, whiskey, vodka, rum or gin?  This holiday offer the best of the best – learn how to distill spirits in our distillery located in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Imagine getting away from the cold nasty weather up north, and traveling down south to be pampered doing what you love and learning about the products you enjoy tasting!

We’re offering two holiday gift packages this season:

citrusdistillers.com1.  You and a friend will learn how to distill either Whiskey, Vodka, Rum or Gin in our distillery for a day.  We show you how to design, build and brew a beer or wine, we then move you on to running a column or pot still used to produce Whiskey, Rum, Vodka or Gin.  We then go through the process of making “Cuts” and crafting a spirit into an amazing product.  Next is flavoring and bottling, imagine building your own spirit!      $425 per person (2 minimum)


2.  Can’t get enough of the show “Moonshiners”? You and a friend will spend 2 days with us and learn the entire process, choosing the right ingredients, building a wash, pitching your yeast, fermentation, distilling, flavoring, bottling, labeling and pricing and more.  You’ll be trained to run the major areas of a distillery and have an incredible time doing it!     $750 per person (2 minimum)

Both gifts above include a private dinner at the distillery with a local chef that will build the ultimate dining experience for you and your guest.  Imagine enjoying a tasty ribeye while distilling your favorite Whiskey?  Call Now!


Scheduling is based on your availability, please contact us with your preferred date and time.  Package will include an our “New Distillers Gift Box” which includes 2 tickets and additional info about our distillery to get your “Holiday Gift” excitement started this Season.  

Call us Now 1-855-POT-MASH (1-855-768-6274)


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