Spirits Distribution

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Craft Spirits Distribution


Citrus Distillers has completed its Distribution Network and will now be providing Distribution & Wholesale services in Florida, California, New York & New Jersey as we grow our Network in 2016.

Clients who create Brands with Citrus Distillers can now start distributing with us as well.  Our Distribution model is setup for Brands to Sell & Market to local Restaurants, Bars & Liquor Stores in your area.

The Citrus Distillers Distribution model is open to all of our client Brands. Each Brand has the option to start Distributing in Florida, California, New York & New Jersey starting January 1st. 2016.  When a Brand would like to start selling in a new State, Citrus Distillers will file all the paperwork in your new State to get things moving.  Clients will be responsible for following all the steps to proceed selling into the new state including getting Fingerprinted & completing State required paperwork.

Right now the process is taking about 30 days to complete. Once the State registration is completed, Brands can begin the Sales & Marketing process to get things rolling. The TTB has strict regulations on Marketing a liquor Brand, please go out to the TTB website, or call them with any Marketing questions.



Pricing & Options: Pricing below shows minimum Monthly Fee & Per Case Fee.  A “SKU” is a labeled product. If you have 4 flavored Vodka’s then that is 4 SKU’s.

Distribution Services: 12 Months

1 SKU Included $350 per Month

Add additional SKU’s for $100 each

The pricing above doesn’t include State Taxes and other “Additional Fee’s” listed below.

The Distribution Model is Per Case only. So when your out there selling, remember that its a case minimum per order location.

Additional Fee’s

Shipping Cost per pallet to a Bonded Warehouse

$1.00 per case for check-in for truck warehouse (every bottle has to be counted)

$0.50 per case checkout from warehouse to delivery people

$6.00 Delivery fee per case (any size case from 6-12 bottles) to a restaurant, bar or liquor store.

$2.00 per case Picking Fee

$1.00 per case for monthly auditing at Bonded Warehouse and State required reporting

2 case minimum on orders from Bonded Warehouse

*Additional fee’s may apply depending on delivery areas

To calculate Your Pricing use this Formula or similar:

This formula is based on selling 24 x 12 pack cases per Month, the more you sell the less you pay. If your Distribution Service fee is $350 per Month, and you sell 24 cases that have 12 bottles in each case, then your per bottle would be $1.22. So you would add this to your per bottle cost.

Cost Per Bottle (12 x $7.50) $90.00 + Profit (12 x $6.00) $72.00 + State Sales Tax (12 x $1.30) $15.60 + Case Check-in $1.00 + Checkout $0.50 + Delivery $6.00 + Case Picking Fee $2.00 + Distribution Service Fee $1.22 = $188.32 / 12 = $15.69 per Bottle is your retail price.

Every Brand has different profit margins and marketing techniques. Some are higher and some are lower, if your planning on selling your Product as an Ultra Premium Spirit, than you want to up the Profit Per Bottle to achieve a higher retail price. And if you wanted to sell it cheaper, lower the profit margin. Another way to lower your Monthly Fee per Bottle is to sell more products. The $350 per month works out to be $1.22 per bottle if you sell 288 bottles / 24 cases.  If you were to sell around 864 bottles / 72 cases, then your price per bottle would be $0.40, and puts your bottle around $14.87. So you see that our Distribution Model is performance based, the better you do the more you’ll make per Brand.

Please call us to discuss your Distillation & Distribution needs at 855-POT-MASH

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